Abhyuday Helpline App

The app provides a simple yet powerful way of reaching out and connecting to the unexplored and unserved sections of the society. Scaling up the pre existing Career Counselling Campaign being run by Abhyuday IIT Bombay, it connects the socially conscious and tech savvy youth of the nation to the underprivileged and needy.

A helpline number which is connected to the app is being circulated among the students who lack the resources and information for pursuing their dream career. By calling on this helpline number, they can register a query. This query then gets allotted to and resolved by one of the app users/ volunteers over a call. This on call career guidance service hence makes it simple to create an impact on the lives of students who deserve better.

What's the Problem?

39% students of India drop out of schools before completing elementary education

Most of them are never able to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and lack of education

Many of those willing to help do not get a platform to reach out to the ones in need


What if they get retained in the schools, and move on to complete their education?

What if they resist the forces to quit studies, instead carry on to reach greater academic success?

What if they get the guidance which helps them pursue their dream ?

Working of app

Student calls on helpline number 18002002090

Register a query in particular stream

Query allotted as task to volunteer of respective stream

Task accepted by volunteer

The student gets a callback from volunteer

Query resolved

Awesome features

Easy to use

User friendly and convenient interface, simple navigation , easily understandable and visually appealing design.

Regular notifications

keeps the user updated and notified about pending tasks, new features etc.

Feedback system

keeps a check on the quality of answers provided by volunteers through system of ratings and reviews

More features

Hidden Identities

Doesn’t disclose the identities of the student and the helper to each other hence creates a comfort zone and facilitates better and in depth interaction.

Freedom to volunteers

keeps a check on the quality of answers provided by volunteers through system of ratings and reviews

CCC Representative

Reaching out to the college mates and raising awareness about the campaign

Preparing a reliable volunteer base of 15-20 students from the respective college

Ensuring that the volunteer network functions smoothly

If the CCC representative is also willing to become the counselor please register on the volunteer section given below


A "Volunteer" will be required to commit approximately an hour per week for the same.

They are expected to resolve around 2 requests each week.

These volunteers will receive a certificate as well as other incentives and prizes based on their performance ratings and reviews.

Contact Us

Sania Seervi

sania@abhyudayiitb.org.in +91-8764295964

Shashank Ramariya

shashank@abhyudayiitb.org.in +91-8828291967