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Abhyuday started 5 years back, with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body, which provides opportunities to the students of the institute who wish to work for a better society. With a vision to channelize the youth towards India's social challenges, Abhyuday has established itself as one of the country’s largest student run social body in the mere span of 4 years. Our flagship being campaigns, we also conduct year long events like conferences, donation drives, exhibitions and provide social fellowship, internship opportunities to the students of the institute. The ‘Social Fest’ usually held in January is a two day extravaganza that celebrates the spirit of social good.

Annual Social Festival

Abhyuday, IIT Bombay organises a social festival every year which inculcates various impactful events,exhibitions, lectures, workshops and competitions to instill a sense of responsibility in the youth towards the society and to create awareness about basic human rights.
Concert For Cause

Abhyuday, IIT Bombay hosted Akriti Kakar, famous Bollywood playback singer who supported Swaradhaar, a group of differently-abled talented artists designated as 'beggars' in Mumbai locals. A lot of people united for the blissful performance of those talented artists.

Cancer Screening Camp

Abhyuday in association with CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association) organised a cancer screening camp for married women aged greater than 35. Our emphasis was on early detection of Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer and Oral Cancer – these being the most common cancers in our country.


Connecting many poets, stand up comics and artists who are raising their voice in solidarity to raise awareness for human rights violation and spur change, the event brought together some of the upcoming and trending youth labels in the Indian spoken word circuit.

Rainbow Diaries

To the rights of the LGBTQ community hindered since ages, Abhyuday, IIT Bombay opens up via Rainbow Diaries! Tedx speaker Harish Iyer, Sonal Giani, LGBT activist and actor and Urmi Jhadhav was the cordial speakers for the evening.

Changemaker Series #1

A step towards eradicating discrimination by starting with the discussion on issues faced by over 2 million children living on streets for their basic rights.

Changemaker Series #2

The CEO of YES BANK Foundation pioneered numerous programs for inclusive growth in the education, health, financial inclusion, environment, youth leadership and capacity building of civil society.

socio-x series #1

Medha Patkar is an Indian social activist working on various crucial political and economical issues raised by Adivasis, Dalits,Farmers, labourers and Women facing injustice in India.

socio-x series #2

Padmashree Dr Prakash Amte and Dr Mandakini Amte, Magsaysay and Mother Terresa award winner, and Founder of The Animal Ark - an Orphanage for young wild animals, their credentials are countless.

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"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference" - Jane Goodall
We connect youth and conduct year long activities to realize the changes, we as a society want to see those changes in the world.
Masti Ki Paathshaala

It is said “When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play”. The “Masti ki Paathshaala” initiative aims to teach science to children through a more innovative and fascinating way with the help of fun experiments and toys!

Masti Ki Paathshaala

The Career Counselling Campaign provides free career guidance to underprivileged students. We reach out to the students through sessions conducted in various schools of Mumbai and through our app called the Career Counselling Helpline.

Career Counselling Campaign
Volunteer Weekend

Volunteer weekends aim to enlighten the youth by making them conscious of the social issues and encouraging them to initiate social change. We conduct visits to various NGOs, Oldage Homes, Orphanages interact with them and deliver our services.

Volunteer Weekend


Throughout the year Abhyuday organizes lectures, workshops, panel,conferences,blood donation camps and collaborated events with eminent social organizations. We aspire to promote social consciousness among the youth and concentrate their power towards a better and sustainable society.


As they say, “The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work- if you won’t”, the fellowship program of Abhyuday which provides youth the opportunity to engage themselves in social work by working with NGOs, social startups and alumni of IIT Bombay working in this field. Fellowships focuses on providing an insight into various sectors in the field of social work whilst providing a valuable output for the society.
  • Communication
  • Impact Analysis
  • Fundraising
  • Planning Support Groups
  • Organizing Support Groups
  • Coalition Groups
  • Grant Writing
  • Make a difference


  • Art and photography have been one of the most preferred ways of expressing emotions, experiences, and thoughts since ages. It is the showcase of any hidden meaning, symbol or suggestion. In order to convey the multifaceted themes in combating the social issues which are related to human rights, this initiative aims to discourage the exploitation of human rights by sensitizing the masses and raising awareness.
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Action Plan
  • Action Plan is a social entrepreneurship competition which revolves around 3I’s mantra:- Ideate – Innovate – Implement. Our team at IIT Bombay, brings together the brightest from colleges, the best from corporate, the learnt from academia, the experienced from NGOs and create a platform where young minds are boosted and supported to create solutions that bring about grass root level changes.
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  • Adhikaar is one of the largest national level inter-college debate competitions, organized by our team at IIT Bombay. The themes would be based on topics such as violation of human rights, women harassment, public policy, education, etc. We provide an efficacious, potent youth the platform to express their feelings, thoughts on social issues and help them make people aware while developing a civic and political identity.




  • Overall Coordinator

    Rahul Tummod


    Prem Shinde


  • Competitions

    Ojas Khewale


    Mayank Sultania


  • Campaigns

    Shyam Athwal


    Kunal Chavda


    Rohit Kumar Gupta


  • Events & Fellowships

    Devesh Yadav


    Arpit Agrawal


  • Events & Fellowships

    Ashi Gupta


    Vibha Srindhi


  • Marketing

    Kushal Mittal


    Naman Chindaliya


  • Media & Public Relations

    Gaurav Chaudhary


    Shreeyash Kotlawar


  • Operations

    Nihal Ramteke


    Sameesh Baheti


  • Creatives

    Bidish Ghosh


    Manas Vhanmane


  • Web

    Mayank Chittora


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